Bring in a Plumber Early for Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Did you know that your remodeling contractor might not be the best pro for advice on kitchen and bathroom renovations? Too often, homeowners wait until the final steps of a project to bring in a professional plumber, and that can cost both major money and aggravation! That’s because many remodeling contractors are not skilled plumbers, and they simply don’t have the expertise to accurately plan the plumbing aspects of your remodel. Even something that sounds relatively basic, such as moving a shower or toilet to the other side of a room, can involve major plumbing challenges. And if you don’t bring in a plumber early, you won’t discover those challenges until it’s too late to revise the plan. The good news is that United Heating and Plumbing is available to assist with remodeling-related plumbing needs large and small. Serving the greater Cincinnati area, we’re here to be involved in your project right from the start. By collaborating with your remodeling contractor to create a renovation plan that meets your specific needs and optimizes placement of both your pipes and fixtures, we can save you money and help you get the space of your dreams. For all types of kitchen and bathroom remodels, the United Heating and Plumbing team has you covered. We have more than 25 years of experience as professional plumbers, and we are fully licensed for your peace of mind. Our goal is always to help our customers get the precision plumbing they need at a fair price, and we’d love to be involved in your bathroom remodel or kitchen renovation to ensure you get the best results with the least amount of expenditure and hassle. Call now to get started!

Concerned About High Energy Bills? Call Our HVAC Contractors

If your heating and cooling bills are higher than you’d like, you don’t have to suffer through hot summers and cold winters without sufficient temperature regulation. There are a few reasonable steps you can take to lower those utility costs without compromising your comfort and safety. One of the things United Heating & Plumbing does for our customers is offer advice on making the most of your HVAC systems. Our recommendations might include:  Setting your thermostat correctly to minimize temperature costs Improving ventilation in your attic to naturally cool your home Running routine maintenance on your heating and cooling systems And more Chances are, no matter how careful you are with your HVAC systems, there are ways you could improve your building’s energy efficiency. Our HVAC contractors are standing by to assist you with repairs and replacements, as well as giving you money-saving tips. Today’s heating and cooling components are technologically advanced enough that you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to enjoy a pleasant indoor environment. With United Heating & Plumbing on your side, your HVAC units are in capable hands. If you live in the greater Cincinnati area, call or e-mail us now to learn more!