We Fix Systems Other HVAC Companies Declare “Broken Beyond Repair”

Have you ever been in a situation where your HVAC contractor says, “Well, I think that will have to be replaced,” and you’re not sure you believe him? You’re right to be wary! Unfortunately, some heating and cooling companies are just out to make a buck, and that makes them willing to tell customers a component is broken beyond repair, even when it’s not.

United Heating and Plumbing is a different kind of HVAC company. We are committed to providing you with honest, accurate heating and air conditioning service. We strive to repair malfunctioning components, not just sell you a new unit. We have 25+ years’ experience supplying effective diagnostics and precision repair workmanship, and we put that expertise to work on every job. In fact, we’re occasionally called in for a second opinion when another HVAC contractor has recommended the unit be replaced rather than repaired. Most of the time, we’re able to fix the problem without replacing the system, saving you a lot of hassle and a lot of money.

United Heating and Plumbing has the HVAC repair expertise to tackle complicated projects, and the integrity and honesty to tell you the truth about your air conditioner or heating unit’s true condition. We’re not here to trick you into buying an expensive new unit. We’re standing by to provide the heating and air conditioning repair solutions you can trust. Call now to get started!

Let Us Answer Your Questions About Geothermal HVAC

With more and more homeowners trying to be energy conscious, geothermal HVAC systems are becoming increasingly popular. However, many people are still unfamiliar with this newer type of heating and cooling technology. We’d love to answer your questions to help you better understand geothermal heating and air conditioning technology and what it can mean for your property! Q: Is geothermal just a heating solution? A: Geothermal systems can provide both heating and cooling for your property. Some can also be configured to preheat water as well, reducing the amount of energy consumed by your hot water heater. Q: How does a geothermal HVAC system work? A: Geothermal heating and cooling systems utilize heat pumps to transfer heat. Because ground temperatures are relatively constant, the soil is cooler than the outside air during the summer and warmer than the outside air during the winter; geothermal heat pumps leverage this temperature difference to keep your property comfortable. They work to move heat out of your building and into the ground in summer and out of the ground and into the building in the winter. Q: What benefits does geothermal heating and cooling provide? A: Geothermal HVAC reduces your need to burn fossil fuels for heat and decreases your energy consumption for air conditioning as well. This both reduces your utility costs and decreases your impact on the environment. Geothermal systems offer resource conservation and energy-efficient benefits to help you go green. Geothermal HVAC systems can be quite complex, depending on your needs, so we understand if you still have questions. That’s why we’re here! United Heating & Plumbing LLC offers free estimates for your convenience, so give us a call to learn more about how a geothermal heating and cooling system can meet your needs.

Undertaking a DIY Project? We Offer Free Advice!

You want to be economical and self-sufficient, so you decide to unclog that drain or install that new sink yourself. But then you run into trouble. Screwdriver in hand, you’re seeing something in front of you that the online tutorial never mentioned. What to do? Call United Heating & Plumbing! We offer free estimates and free advice all the time. Even if it’s for a DIY project, we’ll give you our expert opinion and guidance. The last thing we want is for you to hurt yourself or to put your home at risk, so we much prefer to answer whatever questions you may have. Our slogan is, “Improving our world one home at a time.” We try to live up to that as much as we can. How many other HVAC companies do you know that answer DIY questions free of charge? We’re a family-owned business committed to customer service day in and day out. Ultimately, we just want our friends and neighbors to have the fully functional heating and plumbing they deserve. United Heating & Plumbing also offers free estimates for people who can’t decide whether they should attempt a repair themselves or bite the bullet and hire a professional. Often, customers are surprised at how budget-friendly our HVAC services can be. So what do you have to lose? Give us a call to discuss your upcoming project!

Save Money With a Programmable Thermostat This Winter

When the weather turns cold, there’s an old wives’ tale we hear time and time again. Folks tell us, “Did you know that programmable thermostats don’t actually save you money?” Well, we want to dispel this rumor once and for all: That’s simply not true! Programmable thermostats do offer energy—and money—savings. Here’s how. A programmable thermostat allows you to create a schedule that automatically adjusts the temperature setting in your home. That provides huge convenience, like turning up the heat in the morning before you get out of bed. But it also enables you to easily set your thermostat lower when you’re out of the house. Set up the schedule once, and your programmable thermostat can keep your house toasty warm in the morning when you’re getting ready, turn down the heat for the 8 to 10 hours you’re out of the house for work, and have the heat kick back on in time for your space to be cozy before you walk back in the front door at the end of the day. This strategy can save you up to 10% on your annual heating and cooling costs, according to Energy.gov. So the next time someone tries to convince you a programmable thermostat is a waste of money, you’ll know the real deal. You can save, and save big, by installing a programmable thermostat! At United Heating & Plumbing LLC, we want to make sure our customers can keep their homes comfortable this winter without spending an arm and a leg. That’s why we offer helpful tips like saving with a programmable thermostat. If you’re ready to make the upgrade for your home, we can provide thermostat installation and more. Call now for your free estimate.

Leave Your Commercial Plumbing Repair to the Pros

Is the faucet in your office kitchen dripping? Is the toilet in your small business running? Is your workplace dealing with a stopped up drain? Even if the repair seems simple and straightforward, the truth of the matter is that a commercial plumber will get the job done faster—and likely better—than if you try to do it yourself. That’s because so often, when a DIYer tries to take on a plumbing repair, they either misdiagnose the issue (and end up fixing a non-existent problem while not addressing the real issue) or they botch the repair (frequently ending up with a bigger problem than they started with). At United Heating and Plumbing, we work to diagnose and repair commercial plumbing problems efficiently and effectively. Commercial plumbing is one of our specialties, and we’ve had more than 25 years to hone our expertise. You’re very good at what you do, whether you’re a carpenter or a retail shop owner, and we wouldn’t dream of trying to compete when it comes to building a bookshelf or marketing boutique clothes. You’re an expert at your specialty, and your time is best spent focusing on the things you excel at. We’ll take care of your plumbing, so you don’t have to. In short, don’t waste your time attempting to tackle plumbing repairs at your business. You’ll save both time and money when you call in United Heating and Plumbing instead of taking the DIY route. To learn more or to get your free estimate on plumbing repair service in Cincinnati, call our team today!

Specializing in Energy-Efficient Heating Systems Since 1998

You want to keep your home cozy this winter, but you don’t want to spend a fortune doing so. That’s where an energy-efficient furnace comes in. By optimizing heat production and minimizing the fuel used, an energy-efficient furnace helps you keep your space warm for less. At United Heating & Plumbing LLC, we specialize in installing energy-efficient heating systems. Serving the Cincinnati area since 1998, we’ve installed thousands of furnaces designed to help local property owners maximize their indoor comfort while minimizing both costs and energy consumption. Over the years, we’ve installed a broad range of different furnaces, from mid-efficiency units (80% AFUE) to super-efficient 98% AFUE units. We’re here to help you get the new furnace you need for long-term savings and comfort. Furnace efficiency is often measured using AFUE. This stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. This number essentially measures how well the system generates heat, compared with the energy potential of the fuel it consumes. For example, a furnace with an AFUE of 85% means that of the energy in the fuel, 85% becomes the heat in your house and the remaining 15% is lost (up the chimney, etc.). When it comes to furnaces, a higher AFUE translates into a more efficient system. The United Heating & Plumbing LLC team can help you understand different furnace ratings and assist you in getting the right system for your home. We’ve worked with York’s 98% AFUE system (the highest efficiency furnace available in today’s market) as well as a variety of other high-efficiency furnaces, and we’re happy to discuss all the details with you to ensure your needs are matched with the right furnace. When you’re ready to upgrade to a new, efficient furnace, we’re standing by to help. Call now to get started.

Welcome to the Wide New World of Home Water Heating

For generations, families have relied on traditional tank-style water heaters to generate warm water for their showers, sinks, and washing machines. But with today’s push to cut energy usage and increase efficiency, many homeowners are making the switch to more modern options for residential water heating. At United Heating and Plumbing, we’re here to be your guide to innovative home water heating alternatives. Whether the best choice for you is installing a new tankless water heater, or simply extending the life of your existing model through proper maintenance, you can count on us for the timely and personalized service you need. Unlike some plumbing companies, United Heating and Plumbing strives to educate customers on the industry’s latest and most cost-effective water heating systems. The more you know about the technologies and techniques available for improved water heating, the more you’re likely to save in money, energy, and time dealing with frustrating water heater problems. Sure, we might sell fewer water heaters by providing maintenance tips to help you prolong your system’s life, but we’re happy to help you out! We want to ensure that every dollar you spend with us is a dollar well spent. The choices are wider than you think when it comes to water heating for your Cincinnati-area residence. Fortunately, United Heating and Plumbing is ready to match you with the right water heater solutions for your space, your lifestyle, and, of course, your budget. To schedule a consultation with our water heater specialists and get your free estimate, contact us today by phone or e-mail. We’re excited to welcome you to the wider-than-ever world of home water heating!

Bring in a Plumber Early for Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Did you know that your remodeling contractor might not be the best pro for advice on kitchen and bathroom renovations? Too often, homeowners wait until the final steps of a project to bring in a professional plumber, and that can cost both major money and aggravation! That’s because many remodeling contractors are not skilled plumbers, and they simply don’t have the expertise to accurately plan the plumbing aspects of your remodel. Even something that sounds relatively basic, such as moving a shower or toilet to the other side of a room, can involve major plumbing challenges. And if you don’t bring in a plumber early, you won’t discover those challenges until it’s too late to revise the plan. The good news is that United Heating and Plumbing is available to assist with remodeling-related plumbing needs large and small. Serving the greater Cincinnati area, we’re here to be involved in your project right from the start. By collaborating with your remodeling contractor to create a renovation plan that meets your specific needs and optimizes placement of both your pipes and fixtures, we can save you money and help you get the space of your dreams. For all types of kitchen and bathroom remodels, the United Heating and Plumbing team has you covered. We have more than 25 years of experience as professional plumbers, and we are fully licensed for your peace of mind. Our goal is always to help our customers get the precision plumbing they need at a fair price, and we’d love to be involved in your bathroom remodel or kitchen renovation to ensure you get the best results with the least amount of expenditure and hassle. Call now to get started!

Concerned About High Energy Bills? Call Our HVAC Contractors

If your heating and cooling bills are higher than you’d like, you don’t have to suffer through hot summers and cold winters without sufficient temperature regulation. There are a few reasonable steps you can take to lower those utility costs without compromising your comfort and safety. One of the things United Heating & Plumbing does for our customers is offer advice on making the most of your HVAC systems. Our recommendations might include:  Setting your thermostat correctly to minimize temperature costs Improving ventilation in your attic to naturally cool your home Running routine maintenance on your heating and cooling systems And more Chances are, no matter how careful you are with your HVAC systems, there are ways you could improve your building’s energy efficiency. Our HVAC contractors are standing by to assist you with repairs and replacements, as well as giving you money-saving tips. Today’s heating and cooling components are technologically advanced enough that you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to enjoy a pleasant indoor environment. With United Heating & Plumbing on your side, your HVAC units are in capable hands. If you live in the greater Cincinnati area, call or e-mail us now to learn more!

Reel in Real Value From Your HVAC Technician

When you’re shopping for an HVAC contractor, remember to look for one that offers plenty of options for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs. All too often, HVAC companies seem more interested in their own prepackaged products and services than they do in the real-life concerns and requirements of their customers. Essentially, it’s the core philosophy of an HVAC company that determines how far they’re willing to go to satisfy a client’s needs, wishes, and available budget. Companies that take a short-term view of helping customers tend to provide HVAC services straight out of the box. On the other hand, businesses that truly care about building a long-term relationship with clients will take a much more flexible approach to HVAC service, not only offering more options to begin with, but also shaping each option to what the customer actually wants and needs. With United Heating and Plumbing, you’ll never be boxed in by limited options for your HVAC repair or installation. We take great pride in going beyond the simple yes or no questions with our customers. By conducting a thorough consultation and getting a solid grasp of your true heating or cooling needs, we can develop a full, 3-D picture of how to serve you and your property best. So what would you rather spend your money on: An HVAC company that puts its own interests first, or one that gives you more for your dollar with tailor-made alternatives for better heating, ventilation, and AC services? In the Cincinnati area, the choice is yours. Contact United Heating and Plumbing today!