Commercial Plumbing Services

You sell widgets. Or Flowers. Or a million other things. And you simply don’t have the time or skills to handle an HVAC or plumbing issue. You need a plumber or HVAC company you can trust. At United Heating & Plumbing our stock-in-trade is to let you get back to what you’re good at, taking care of your customers.

So whether it’s a plumbing repair, HVAC repair or a plumbing or HVAC installation, we’re at your service. We install furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, water softeners, service back flow preventers, and clear clogged drains.

So what will it be? An HVAC free estimate? HVAC repair? Plumbing repair?
We’ve got it covered.

The marketplace seems to be flooded, from guys in filthy t-shirts to massive companies like Roto-Rooter; a massive company with a massive advertising budget. (and massive prices to-boot) And, we’ll be frank: Roto-Rooter is a good company with a lot of resources. So, if you have a large or complex plumbing issue, Roto-Rooter may be the wise choice.

On the other hand, most plumbing or HVAC issues are more of the garden-variety type. And in this environment we think we excel; providing the greatest value between the fly-by-nighters and the Roto-Rooters of the world.
Check us out. We’ve had the good fortune to develop excellent sets of relationships with our customers, and places like Yelp reviews or Google reviews reflect that. So please check out what other satisfied customers have had to say. And we’re ready, willing and able to bring to bear that same level of dedication to your business.

United Heating & Plumbing is a small, family owned, plumbing and HVAC company serving the Cincinnati and Dayton markets. You have a myriad of choices. We’re honored you’d consider us, and so we invite you to check us out and see how United is redefining HVAC & plumbing service.