Air Conditioner Repair & Replacement

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We’ve been servicing and installing air conditioners for over 2 decades. Our extensive anecdotal experience is that the average air conditioner will last 15-20 years. If your air conditioner is at that age, or approaching it, you might investigate upgrading your system. An older system is often an energy hog, so it may be costing you extra money on your utility bill you’ve simply become unaware of.


If this is the year you upgrade you’re A/C system we’d love to talk to you. Like most things, technology has given you more choices in replacing you’re A/C system. Many new terms have cropped up like “SEER Ratings” that can make purchasing a new A/C system a bewildering experience. We offer Free Estimates on new systems, and we’re happy to answer all your questions. We’re going to have a few questions of our own, as a means of finding the right system for your home and circumstances.


Perhaps you simply need A/C repair or maintenance. A properly maintained air conditioner will, A) extend its useful life, B) improve your comfort, and, C) lower your utility bill. As you can see, there’s all kinds of good reasons to keep you’re A/C running in tip-top shape; from keeping your coils clean, changing your filter, or checking your #R-22 refrigerant  level annually. Fortunately, we offer Preventive Maintenance Programs to help you get the most out of your A/C system. Nature will love you. So will your utility bill.

So, whether it’s an A/C replacement, an A/C repair or simply an A/C tune up we have the experience to meet your overall needs. Of course, we’re licensed, bonded and insured. We take customer service seriously and we invite you to check us out on review sites like Yelp or Google.