Heating Systems

Furnace Diagram
Do you need a new heating system? Whether it’s a boiler, heat pump, or furnace we both install and service heating systems. Perhaps this is the year you treat yourself to improved comfort and want to upgrade that old furnace. We provide free estimates on all new systems and we’re happy to not only lay out the many choices you may have, but we’re eager to answer all your questions. At any given time, your local utility may be offering some attractive incentives on new systems. So don’t delay!

Perhaps you just need furnace service. Things break. And we fix broken things. Perhaps your furnace seems to be running just fine but it’s been a while since it’s been checked out. We provide preventive maintenance services through our “United Savings Agreements” which serve to 1) improve your comfort, 2) lower your utility bill, and, 3) extend the life of your unit. What’s not to like?

Surely you’d agree that reputation means a lot, and is earned over years of reliable performance. At United we take pride on conducting business “the old fashioned way”; as E.F. Hutton once said. We invite you to check us out---on places like Yelp Reviews or Google local business. We’re quite proud of the relationships we’ve been able to build.

At United our long-standing policy is to explain the issues we diagnose up front, completely and thoroughly explain your options and follow through the resolution with a clear and unambiguous explanation of the charges. We’re consumers too, and it’s important to us you receive a fair trade from us.

So whether it’s a free estimate on a new furnace or HVAC system, furnace repair or simply taking care of your existing furnace with a preventive maintenance program, call United to see how we can improve your home.