About Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Winter/Summer Diagram

What is a heat pump? (And why you should know)

Many people have wondered if a new heat pump is right for them. Many ask the more fundamental question, “What is a heat pump?” The simple answer is that a heat pump is an air conditioner that can run in reverse.

Let us explain: There’s no such thing as “cool”, scientifically speaking. We experience “coolness” because the heat has been removed. So, an air conditioner “rounds up” the BTUS (heat) that has infiltrated your home and sends them back outside. It’s a process that goes on all summer.

A heat pump is an air conditioner at its core but can also round up BTUS from the outside in the winter and bring them inside. That they may be hard to wrap your mind around; that there’s actually heat in the air during winter. But there is.

The ‘Why you should know’ part…….

As a practical matter, a BTU is about the energy in a match. A heat pump can produce a BTU cheaper than most any heat source. Do you not have natural gas in your home? Are you concerned about the environment and would like to be a ‘good steward’ of the earth’s resources? Perhaps you simply want a lower utility bill.

There are a number of factors or considerations that might make you a good candidate for a heat pump. And there are many types of heat pumps to choose from; from various efficiencies to geothermal.

Do you need a new heat pump? Or would you like to learn more? Estimates are free, always. Perhaps you already have a heat pump, and would like to investigate upgrading your unit. Maybe you just need heat pump repair. We’re always ready, willing to answer any questions you may have.