With more and more homeowners trying to be energy conscious, geothermal HVAC systems are becoming increasingly popular. However, many people are still unfamiliar with this newer type of heating and cooling technology. We’d love to answer your questions to help you better understand geothermal heating and air conditioning technology and what it can mean for your property! Q: Is geothermal just a heating solution? A: Geothermal systems can provide both heating and cooling for your property. Some can also be configured to preheat water as well, reducing the amount of energy consumed by your hot water heater. Q: How does a geothermal HVAC system work? A: Geothermal heating and cooling systems utilize heat pumps to transfer heat. Because ground temperatures are relatively constant, the soil is cooler than the outside air during the summer and warmer than the outside air during the winter; geothermal heat pumps leverage this temperature difference to keep your property comfortable. They work to move heat out of your building and into the ground in summer and out of the ground and into the building in the winter. Q: What benefits does geothermal heating and cooling provide? A: Geothermal HVAC reduces your need to burn fossil fuels for heat and decreases your energy consumption for air conditioning as well. This both reduces your utility costs and decreases your impact on the environment. Geothermal systems offer resource conservation and energy-efficient benefits to help you go green. Geothermal HVAC systems can be quite complex, depending on your needs, so we understand if you still have questions. That’s why we’re here! United Heating & Plumbing LLC offers free estimates for your convenience, so give us a call to learn more about how a geothermal heating and cooling system can meet your needs.