Specializing in Energy-Efficient Heating Systems Since 1998

You want to keep your home cozy this winter, but you don’t want to spend a fortune doing so. That’s where an energy-efficient furnace comes in. By optimizing heat production and minimizing the fuel used, an energy-efficient furnace helps you keep your space warm for less. At United Heating & Plumbing LLC, we specialize in installing energy-efficient heating systems. Serving the Cincinnati area since 1998, we’ve installed thousands of furnaces designed to help local property owners maximize their indoor comfort while minimizing both costs and energy consumption. Over the years, we’ve installed a broad range of different furnaces, from mid-efficiency units (80% AFUE) to super-efficient 98% AFUE units. We’re here to help you get the new furnace you need for long-term savings and comfort. Furnace efficiency is often measured using AFUE. This stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. This number essentially measures how well the system generates heat, compared with the energy potential of the fuel it consumes. For example, a furnace with an AFUE of 85% means that of the energy in the fuel, 85% becomes the heat in your house and the remaining 15% is lost (up the chimney, etc.). When it comes to furnaces, a higher AFUE translates into a more efficient system. The United Heating & Plumbing LLC team can help you understand different furnace ratings and assist you in getting the right system for your home. We’ve worked with York’s 98% AFUE system (the highest efficiency furnace available in today’s market) as well as a variety of other high-efficiency furnaces, and we’re happy to discuss all the details with you to ensure your needs are matched with the right furnace. When you’re ready to upgrade to a new, efficient furnace, we’re standing by to help. Call now to get started.

Concerned About High Energy Bills? Call Our HVAC Contractors

If your heating and cooling bills are higher than you’d like, you don’t have to suffer through hot summers and cold winters without sufficient temperature regulation. There are a few reasonable steps you can take to lower those utility costs without compromising your comfort and safety. One of the things United Heating & Plumbing does for our customers is offer advice on making the most of your HVAC systems. Our recommendations might include:  Setting your thermostat correctly to minimize temperature costs Improving ventilation in your attic to naturally cool your home Running routine maintenance on your heating and cooling systems And more Chances are, no matter how careful you are with your HVAC systems, there are ways you could improve your building’s energy efficiency. Our HVAC contractors are standing by to assist you with repairs and replacements, as well as giving you money-saving tips. Today’s heating and cooling components are technologically advanced enough that you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to enjoy a pleasant indoor environment. With United Heating & Plumbing on your side, your HVAC units are in capable hands. If you live in the greater Cincinnati area, call or e-mail us now to learn more!

Reel in Real Value From Your HVAC Technician

When you’re shopping for an HVAC contractor, remember to look for one that offers plenty of options for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs. All too often, HVAC companies seem more interested in their own prepackaged products and services than they do in the real-life concerns and requirements of their customers. Essentially, it’s the core philosophy of an HVAC company that determines how far they’re willing to go to satisfy a client’s needs, wishes, and available budget. Companies that take a short-term view of helping customers tend to provide HVAC services straight out of the box. On the other hand, businesses that truly care about building a long-term relationship with clients will take a much more flexible approach to HVAC service, not only offering more options to begin with, but also shaping each option to what the customer actually wants and needs. With United Heating and Plumbing, you’ll never be boxed in by limited options for your HVAC repair or installation. We take great pride in going beyond the simple yes or no questions with our customers. By conducting a thorough consultation and getting a solid grasp of your true heating or cooling needs, we can develop a full, 3-D picture of how to serve you and your property best. So what would you rather spend your money on: An HVAC company that puts its own interests first, or one that gives you more for your dollar with tailor-made alternatives for better heating, ventilation, and AC services? In the Cincinnati area, the choice is yours. Contact United Heating and Plumbing today!