You want to be economical and self-sufficient, so you decide to unclog that drain or install that new sink yourself. But then you run into trouble. Screwdriver in hand, you’re seeing something in front of you that the online tutorial never mentioned. What to do? Call United Heating & Plumbing! We offer free estimates and free advice all the time. Even if it’s for a DIY project, we’ll give you our expert opinion and guidance. The last thing we want is for you to hurt yourself or to put your home at risk, so we much prefer to answer whatever questions you may have. Our slogan is, “Improving our world one home at a time.” We try to live up to that as much as we can. How many other HVAC companies do you know that answer DIY questions free of charge? We’re a family-owned business committed to customer service day in and day out. Ultimately, we just want our friends and neighbors to have the fully functional heating and plumbing they deserve. United Heating & Plumbing also offers free estimates for people who can’t decide whether they should attempt a repair themselves or bite the bullet and hire a professional. Often, customers are surprised at how budget-friendly our HVAC services can be. So what do you have to lose? Give us a call to discuss your upcoming project!