Which is the best Furnace? That’s a question HVAC people are asked with some regularity. Despite the flaming that “brand wars” produce, our 25 years of experience has produced an observation that may surprise you—–and perhaps disappoint you if you were looking for a pat, “Brand X.”

Unlike a radio or toaster, for example, a furnace is not a “plug and play” device. There are many variables that are crucial if the furnace is to be safe, provide reliable comfort and reasonable utility bills. That requires not simply knowledge and experience, but conscientiousness as well.

Done correctly, it is our experienced opinion that most any furnace on the market today will give you two decades + of reliable service. So, if you’re in need of heating and cooling services your primary focus should be on the people who are putting it in. As far as heating and cooling is concerned, in other words, the quality of the installation is more critical than the name on the front.

Sure, an HVAC professional will often have a “Coke vs Pepsi” preference, (and we’re no different) but we OFTEN see a homeowner give both credit and criticism to a brand the brand simply doesn’t deserve. In other words, the issues we see —-good or bad—-are most always attributable to the way it was installed.

So, choose your installing HVAC contractor carefully. And, you’re likely going to have questions as to the types of options your family needs. A good heating and cooling provider will walk you through that process and produce the best system for your needs; whatever brand you end up with. (we primarily (but not exclusively) sell York furnaces, not because they’re the best necessarily, but because they’re committed to excellent service. That is a value we share and support. www.york.com)